Auto Windows 10 Upgrade costs Microsoft $10,000.

A Californian travel agent has successfully sought compensation of $10,000 USD for what she says was unwanted automatic update. Microsoft has been criticised heavily in the last few months due to the aggressive tactics used to 'force' users onto their new Windows 10 platform. Teri Goldstein was less than impressed when her Windows computer upgraded to Windows 10 with no warning effectively bring her business to a halt during one of its busiest times. Teri was even forced to replace computers aff.

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Is Facebook Becoming a Paid Service?

In the last few days I have see a couple of variations of the 'cut and paste this to keep Facebook free'. Whilst Mark Zuckerburg has come out a few times and announced Facebook will always be free, it doesn't stop these statuses making the rounds at least a couple of times a year. Facebook makes plenty of money on advertising, they need as many users on Facebook daily to deliver the ads too. Why will Facebook always be free? Without users, the value of the ads go down and the value of the compa.

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Fake $50 Notes In Ballarat & Gumtree Scam Both Make Police News today.

There has been two seperate Victoria Police media releases today inolving fraud type activities. The first, A spate for fake $50 notes doing the rounds in the Ballarat region. The Other a Gumtree scam. We'll cover both now. The Fake Bills. - Ballarat According to Police Media, the fake $50 bills are made from paper and are easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. Possible tell tale signs. 1. Plastic windows may not look right or not have embossed 50. 2. When scrunched up, a real note sh.

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Windows 10 - Huge Increase in April-May

Technology Giant Microsoft has got very aggressive when it comes to upgrading computers between April and May with a huge 2.09% increase in usage to a total of 17.43% market share. That may not sound like a huge increase, but we consider it a huge leap in such a short time. Recently Microsoft have been rolling out the update to Windows 7 and 8.1 computers as a recommended update practically forcing its self on to millions of computers worldwide. In May alone, Ballan Computer has seen an increase.

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It May Not Be A Virus.

If you’re a computer user, chances are you’ve heard of computer viruses and fear actually getting one. What you may not realise, is not all threats are considered viruses. You may have heard the terms, Trojan, Worms, Bots, Spyware, Malware, Ransomware & more. So, What’s the difference? Viruses: A virus in its simplest form is designed to attack a computer to destroy files. Viruses are common in many illegal downloads including songs, videos and software. Some example ter.

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