Letterbox USB's Not The Only Threat.

In the last few days, you would have seen something somewhere about unmarked USB sticks finding their way into mailboxes. While this was in Pakenham and not in the Bacchus Marsh, Ballan or Ballarat areas (of which we cover), the threat is still real. Plugging one of the USB sticks into a computer is said to install malware and other threats onto unsuspecting victims computers. Rogue USB sticks have been responsible in the past for triggering Malware attacks around the world that can spread in .

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My 24 Hours without Facebook.

Running a small business has its perks, but it also has its stresses. What started as a weekend away to get some much needed timeout turned into a Sunday feeling sorry for myself as I came to terms with a food coma from the retro games/nerd night the night before. As I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself, all I could bring myself to do for most of the day was check up on Facebook on my iPad and watch Brooklyn Ninety-Nine on Netflix. As Monday rolled around, I was still feeling seedy, so I lay .

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Introducing Scheduled Maintenance.

Ballan Computers is pleased to announce our new scheduled maintenance option for clients who require consistent computer assistance. Our scheduled maintenance offers range from a monthly computer security check and clean to a quarterly option for clients who use their computers less. Onsite maintenance for Ballarat, Ballan & Bacchus Marsh, with all other areas available through remote support. "We believe that your computer needs regular maintenance, just like your car." There are many rea.

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Preventative Measures - Keep Files Safe

What would you do if you lost all your files overnight? All your photos, documents, videos & contacts all gone in an instant. Do you have sufficient backups in place? Are you confident that a Ransomware attack will not cause you untold misery? There are different types of Ransomware with the highest threat being encryption to your files. When this happens, the likelihood of getting your data back is almost impossible unless you pay the ransom demands of the hackers. (We don’t recommen.

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Second Screen - More Efficient.

In today’s technological world, we see a lot of clients using a laptop as their work computer. While this is great for the work anywhere factor, it also has its drawbacks. For example, The Dual Screen... 4 years ago it was not uncommon to walk into an office and see computers using a second screen. It’s thought a dual screen solution increases productivity. We see far less dual screen setups now due to the shift toward a more mobile working device. What if I told you a Laptop can als.

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