Quality Vs Quantity

Here at Ballan Computers, we know we're not the cheapest computer repairer around, in fact, we pride ourselves on it. We recently had a client that paid for an onsite visit for a repairer to take a look at her Mac computer. She chose the other guy because of price. The problem however... even after paying, her issue wasn't fixed. Further to this, the repairer she chose made the problem worse! The customer came to us and as a result had the first and secondary issues resolved. We're not saying w.

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Anti-Virus, Free vs Paid

While there are many 'free' anti-virus programs out there, one really must wonder how good they are and if you should pay for anti-virus software. We often install free anti-virus software on client computers when there is nothing at all protecting valuable files. While this is good practice for us, its really a temporary measure in our eyes. While free anti-virus programs do give you some protection, they lack features that might allow in other threats. What’s worse... some free packages .

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Sky Muster II Satellite Launched

October 6th marked an important day for NBN in Australia with the launch of Sky Muster II. Sky Muster have been providing internet coverage to customers with a single satellite and this has caused some issues, mostly slow speeds during peak times. With the launch of Skymuster II, the speed will increase and the dropouts will reduce.Sky Muster II, was initially designed to be a backup for the first satellite, however, demand has changed it's purpose. Sky Muster II will now work with Sky Muster I .

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Yahoo Hacked. 500M Accounts Compromised.

It has emerged that in 2014 a large scale hack was carried out on Yahoo’s servers. So large was the hack, it is believed that 500 Million accounts have been compromised. This makes the 2014 Yahoo hack, the largest hack ever. The hacked accounts will include usernames, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, Dates of birth, answers to security questions and ‘hashed’ passwords. (Meaning whole passwords were not leaked but parts of them were). Yahoo have said neither payment details, or .

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NEW: Secret Conversations on Facebook

Facebook has been trailing a new ‘Secret Conversations’ option using its messenger app. Facebook says users are already communicating using high tech security software and feels their new ‘Secret Conversation’ feature is the next step. The new feature encrypts messages from both users in the conversation and makes it even harder for unwanted eyes to see. It is believed that the new feature will allow you to set time limits to control how long a message remains visible. Th.

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